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Publication: Ellipsis

June 19, 2017

and now we’re three for three. in the span of three weeks, i’ve now received three different mags in which three  poems of mine are published. these publications mean a lot to me because the poems in them had, till now, proven to be really difficult to place. canadian magazines didn’t want to touch them. so i went south of the border and bam.



so a big thank you to ellipsis for daring to take on this poem, turned down by so many others. a big thank you to all magazines and publications that go for the uncanny, the weird, the violent, the boundary-pushing, the rude, the difficult, the unwanted. you help so many of us.

Publication: Inscape

June 16, 2017

the summer of poetry publications continues!

after FIVE YEARS (i wrote the first draft of this in july 2012) of trying to find a place for this poem (which is related to my book, the lodge, because it’s mined from the same subject matter), it finally found a home at inscape, an american mag (surprising, since it mentions toronto, but very welcome).




five years! i had to go look that up right now – i thought it was less. that makes this extra sweet. can’t wait to dig into this mag and see what else is in it.

From Natalie Diaz:

June 12, 2017

Maybe this is what Lorca meant
when he said, verde que te quiero verde—

because when the shade of night comes,
I am a field of it, of any worry ready to flower in my chest.

My mind in the dark is una bestia, unfocused,
hot. And if not yoked to exhaustion

beneath the hip and plow of my lover,
then I am another night wandering the desire field—

bewildered in its low green glow,

belling the meadow between midnight and morning.

From the Desire Field

Publication: Oracle

May 31, 2017

just got my copy of oracle fine arts review in the mail and it is truly a beautiful mag. very excited to be able to hold it and flip through – my poem meet me in the woods is featured alongside many other fab pieces, all focused on the theme of fear.



thanks for helping my weird poem find a home, oracle!

From Jose A. Alcantara:

May 28, 2017

If we must rant and rave, then let us
do so as they do, inconspicuously,
close to the ground, in all the wet places
until something with a stinger comes
and mounts us, turning us inward
where we learn what it is to sweeten.

– Violaceae, from Rattle


May 26, 2017

some wonderful, wonderful news: i have a book coming with mcclelland & stewart – The Lodge will be published in spring 2019!!

from the transatlantic agency:


Anna Maxymiw’s The Lodge, for readers of Eating Dirt by Charlotte Gill and Fire Season by Philip Connors. This extraordinary memoir offers a glimpse into the joy, fear, filth, and ferocity of working at a remote fishing lodge in the boreal forest.
McClelland & Stewart publisher Jared Bland has acquired Canadian English-language rights at auction. An excerpt from the forthcoming memoir won Silver in the Humour category at the National Magazine Awards, where the piece was also nominated in the Personal Journalism category. Maxymiw’s work has been published in the Globe and Mail, Hazlitt, The Walrus, The Malahat Review, and Maisonneuve. The Lodge is slated for publication in May 2019 with senior editor Jenny Bradshaw and publishing manager Kelly Joseph editing. The deal was arranged by Stephanie Sinclair at the Transatlantic Literary Agency.

this fabulous news has been in the works since february and i can finally shout it from the rooftops!! it’s out! no longer a secret! right now i am in the thick of edits and will be until august, and then again, so expect me to be a hermit for a year and make lots of posts about pike and bears and boreal trees.




From sam sax:

May 11, 2017

there are many words for transformation / metamorphosis
metaphor / medication / go to sleep / beside the man you love
wake up next to a dog / maybe the moon brought it out of him
hound hungry for blood / maybe it’s your fault / or maybe
it was there inside him / howling all along

– Bestiary

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