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From Liz Bowen:

February 6, 2018

i have so much snarl in me / i have so much left to
be put in the ground / do you want to inter it with
me? it’s ok if you don’t / i’ve been grounding /
grinding myself for years / but it might be more fun
with a someone else / it might be more fun to sit back
and descend / i know you are gentle and kind and
impeccably egalitarian / but i know too
your hand on my throat


From Sara Sutterlin:

February 4, 2018

You and I have been in love
For a very long time
Tu l’sais, tu l’sais
Something moves with us
Have a seat

– Wrong day

From Phillip B. Williams:

February 2, 2018

In the first place
he slept, he opened the tight heat of me that had been
the only haven he thought to give a name:

Is-it-mine? Why-you-running? Don’t-run-from-it—as though
through questions doubt would find its way away from me,
as though telling me what to do told me who I was.

And Now Upon My Head the Crown

From Angel Nafis:

January 31, 2018

No matter how soft my body or how many eyes find it and peel
when I walk in the shop in the chair, I am of them.
Not brother. Not sister. When he wields the razor and takes me
low it’s like when a woman gets close to the
mirror to slide the lipstick
on slow. Draws a line so perfect she
cuts her own self from the clay.

King of Kreations

From Louise Erdrich:

January 29, 2018

I do not want to sleep.
I do not want to be fed through the lips.
I do not want the harrow of need to pass over my body.
I do not want my children to crave me.

Lies, lies!
I stand in my gilded harness,
my halo of bees.
I stand in the gold dust of sex

giving birth to the last of our children,
the dark red stone.
Eye of the bronze serpent.

– Hydra

From Hala Alyan:

January 27, 2018


I’ve come to love your silences. I surrender myself like a ransacked city. You take the nails but leave the hammer.


Things we talked about in courtship: superpowers, cities, what makes our fathers cry, the grandmother you hadn’t met, how Palestine isn’t a theory, love as binocular, love as fishhook, alcoholism.


Things we didn’t talk about in courtship: night terrors, God, where we’d spend Christmases, abortion, how I love to be the last girl to leave the party, bulimia, what made your exes cry, narcissistic injuries.


We won’t forgive each other for the future. I see you pocket the pack of Camels but still ask if you smoke.

Wife in Reverse

From Tyree Daye:

January 25, 2018

Even the water

I was baptized in
isn’t safe.

I knew God
was a man

because he put
a baby in Mary

without her

– Neuse River

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