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May 26, 2019

for those of you who are interested, my book, DIRTY WORK, is out now. i can’t really describe my own book, since it’s taken nine years to write it and get it published, somehow. it’s too odd to take a step back and assess it on my own. so let me rely on other people to explain it. here is what penguin randomhouse (very eloquently) says about it:

Warm, funny, vulnerable, and wise, Dirty Work offers a singular perspective on the age-old impulse to leave familiar surroundings behind. This memoir is for anyone who has ever felt the urge to test themselves and wondered how they’d fare and who they’d be when they come out on the other side.


also here is a picture of a borrowed cat to help convince you about the book’s greatness, if you are not swayed yet.


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also, indigo agrees with the borrowed cat:


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