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October 30, 2015

i’m back. writing, that is.

you know, it’s funny how we whipsaw between different genres. or sometimes just cannot write a specific genre at all. i’ve… gone off my non-fiction lately. it’s bad. i’m a fucking idiot for it. but there was something about poetry that was yanking back toward it.




there’s been a lot of quiet upheaval in my life the past few months. that’s okay – that’s not a plea or a request for attention. it’s moving from one stage to the next, and coming out of a chrysalis into a sticky new manifestation. but real emotional temblors often manifest in poetry, not any other form: fiction is something i haven’t done in years, since my masters degree (and possibly never again. or maybe soon again. i don’t know) and non-fiction i don’t usually write after something icky or hard. or if i do, it takes… months, if not years, before i have parsed the thing i want to write about and am able to.

but poetry. oh, poetry. it’s the receptacle for all the things. it’s the place where the cry for the beloved goes. it’s a punch. it’s measured insanity, really. and i love it.

right now i’m working on a few things: themes on emotional and sexual violence, the idea of pushing boundaries, ships and shrouds, the fairytale of the big bad wolf (thank kevin spenst for THAT one!), the body parts of insects and the musculature of tongues and makeup of teeth. it’s weird, it’s feral, it’s distressing, it’s challenging – i can’t remember the last time i took five versions of a draft to get something right. or the last time i took hours to edit a poem, doing that oscar wilde thing where i mull a comma like a twat.




and so i’m dragging these weird ghosts and totems around with me like some sort of witch (ha) (or mental patient), mooning around and repeating words to myself to see how they work all strung together and sitting with my legs tucked up as i write to get down on paper all the weird shit that’s been swirling inside of me since august. it’s high time to do this exorcism, and i can’t wait to see the results.

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