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after you: part ii

October 8, 2014

i mentioned the after you project – now, here’s my contribution – a poem for emily davidson.


“Ground Fire – for Emily Davidson:


The most striking type of fire comes from the ability to see the heat in small things: the vision to track the minutiae of the quietest of people’s sorrows and triumphs; the dexterity for the small words, stitches, forays; the seeds that grow, serotinous, into the giant things you write.

In the taiga, some fires burn underground for weeks. People can’t see them; the embers exist in tiers of moss, action percolating deep within the complicated lace of muskeg. Swailing won’t prevent these fires; water can’t extinguish them. They breathe and continue, inexorable and patient. They always are. They don’t stop.

You ask me to tell you how you’re a Leo. Magnetic? Me? But I want you to know that the kindling of newspaper horoscopes and astrology checklists have nothing on you, that not everyone keeps their fire coiled on their tongues or brushed across their shoulders. The unseen burn beneath the skin makes life richer: From sweet loam, things grow with grace.”


WHO’S NEXT?! can’t wait to see.

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