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poetry chain

October 3, 2014

daniel zomparelli has started a poetry project called AFTER YOU. it’s a poetry chain project, wherein one poet writes a poem about another poet, and then that recipient writes a poem about another poet (all alive, so they can reciprocate) and so on and so forth. i’ve been following it because ben and margret have written about people i also know and love, and to read the poetry and know who it is about makes it even more emotional. it proves that despite us all living far away from one another, we are still connected with those wispy lifelines.

and now andrea bennett, that bastard, wrote one about me, because she’s exquisite. and i cried a little at my desk, because i miss them all so much, and poetry is love, and it’s so pleasing to be thought of and written about.



for Anna Maxymiw, after her “Sometimes it tastes like pennies.”

Dear Anna:

I have twenty minutes to eat breakfast and stop being a fuck-up. I am sharpening my vowels before I get dressed.

I thought of you yesterday when I was looking for a 26” fork at the bike shop — I reached too far towards the wooden frame the forks hang on, and sent two splinters under the nail of my ring finger. I put the finger in my mouth, and it tasted like the copper penny from your poem.

I want to protect you from your choices (the men!) like I’m no better than them — the one with the hatchet, the one from the golf course — like you’re not already the valkyrie, the one who chooses who lives and who dies.

Please spare me. I’m getting married soon.




well, there goes my heart. i’ll be writing over the weekend. with so much pleasure.

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