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From Shane Koyczan’s “Tarot”:

June 10, 2013

i’ve written about tarot here before. it’s not necessarily about believing in some other force, but it’s about believing in the possibility of opening one’s mind. i believe in tarot as oblique strategies cards, as used by brian eno when working with david bowie on recording during his berlin triptych. i believe in tarot as a way to make us weep, because we can’t help but see a part of ourselves in the spread in front of us, whether it’s through the power of suggestion or through something else.


“Obedience is only beautiful when it is given.”


my mother (yeah janny!) sent me shane koyczan’s “tarot”. you can click here to hear it. koyczan has never been on my watch list. i tend to veer away from a lot of spoken word because it often feels forced to me – as though the poets are reciting it in that strange, poety way – the one-two, one-two, stressed rhythm, and that grates on my nerves. however, after seeing koyczan at orillia’s mariposa folk festival, and after hearing this lovely, calm, stripped-down poem, i might have to change my mind on occasion. i like when he’s quietest. i like when he’s just reciting from the heart, or reading. there’s a time and place for drama and rhythm, and there’s a time and place for just speaking with duende. all poets – including myself – could learn this.




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  1. June 19, 2013 12:31 am

    yes. totally agreed..i believe in tarot as the answer is totally transparent as it appears in the card in front of me!

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