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malahat interview.

June 8, 2013

well, now that i’m windswept and back from an amazing trip to ireland (always feels like coming home) it’s time to pick up the dang reins again and get this blog revved up.


Cover of issue 182


when i was in donegal, i got a buzz of comments about my interview with the malahat review, and it was so exciting! i did an interview with the wonderful molly mcfaul, and the results were magnificent. it’s rare to be able to connect to someone so well over the internet without ever meeting them, but her questions were insightful and really got me thinking about my own writing and my past and my reading, which are all positives.

if you want, you can read the interview HERE. you can also read my piece – the shipping platform – online HERE. everything about this experience was wonderful, and also surprising, because they usually interview contest winners and established writers, so it really put the wind in my sails, so to speak. i’m humbled by the interest shown in my writing and my thoughts about writing!


you know, it’s kind of lovely to be asked about my thoughts on writing. the thing is, there are so many interviews about writing because there are so many different thoughts and takes on writing. when i had to teach “the editing process” to a big class of undergrads, and i was terrified, because i believe that there is no OBJECTIVE take on writing. it’s all subjective, clearly! writing tips or hints may work like a charm for one person, but will fall flat for another – i feel like this goes without saying.

but if i had one mantra that i want to stick to when it comes to writing – and perhaps even life – it’s this:

“Go at it boldly, and you’ll find unexpected forces closing ’round you and coming to your aid.”


this is sometimes misquoted as “be bold and mighty forces will aid you” but the idea is the same. the quote has been misattributed to goethe, but it’s actually basil king – A CANADIAN. so that’s it. be bold. “go at it boldly” – sometimes i mumble that to myself when i’m stuck in my writing (or terrified out in the city, or facing something that scares me). “go at it boldly” – just go for the jugular. because really, when you are truly yourself, what fire is too hot? that’s a quote from ram dass, and it really made sense to me. i’m just full of quotes today… better than quoting myself!

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