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Publication: Arc Poetry Magazine

March 4, 2013

this is something i’m super excited about:



back in the summer, i took part in arc poetry magazine’s poet in residence opportunity, where i worked one on one (over email) with poet rob winger. he took four of my poems and whipped those clunkers into shape, and it was honestly one of the best experiences i’ve ever had with an editor – of course i was a little nervous, considering the most personal one was definitively about being a young woman, and he was not a young woman. but his edits were so magnificent.

as a result, arc decided to publish that mentioned poem in arc 70: winter 2013.

the poem is called “Sometimes It Tastes Like Coins”, and it’s a sonnet. about my vagina. which sounds a bit strange, but it’s about someone i cared for quite a bit, and i like to think that it’s tender. bonus: i mention go karts and press-braked steel. double bonus: i’m published alongside the wonderful emily davidson, elizabeth bachinsky, rob winger, and erin moure. it’s all fantastic, and has made my monday morning just wonderful – to see the paper and ink culmination of sadness, hard work, a few tears shed (a lot of tears shed). sometimes heartbreak makes us better.

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