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publication: THE GLOBE AND MAIL

September 19, 2012

Illustration done by Nolan Pelletier for the Globe and Mail


this is so very, very exciting for me. i’ve been sitting on this new for a week or so because i was convinced that it magically wasn’t going to happen, but now i can say (yay!) that one of my essays has been published in today’s Globe & Mail – in the Life Section, in Facts & Arguments, under The Essay. (if you have a paper copy of the Globe & Mail, i’m on the last page of the Life section.

the piece is about how i dragged a carrot on a leash through downtown toronto as a way of coping with the sadness brought about by the end of a disquieting and intense sort of relationship. as you all know, i talk about mental health a lot on this blog (and in person) and i’ve been quite open about my anxieties and ups and downs. social anxiety is a huge part of that, and i found that there was a weird freedom in sadness. people tell me that i get too attached (to people, to ideas, to places, to times) and maybe i do. maybe what i considered a relationship would be deemed an unrelationship by others, and maybe i take things too hard, get too sad. regardless, this essay is a strange sort of proof that being a person who gets too attached, who feels so very deeply about everything even if she doesn’t show it, can bear fruitful and lovely results. a love letter written with a carrot.

the globe and mail is a huge coup for me, and i’ve been overwhelmed by my friends’ support so far. it’s so reassuring to know that other people get bouts of crippling social anxiety, too, and that others feel like freaks once in a while. and that others feel sadness, and get through it.

if you’re interested, you can click on I Walked A Pet Carrot Down The Streets Of Toronto to read the text, or look at the Life section in today’s Globe and Mail to see it in hard copy. i love you all (probably).

and to the one who was the impetus for this: thank you. you pushed me to build the house first, and worry about the neighbours later.

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