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June 12, 2012


maisonneuve’s summer issue is coming out and i have a non-fiction piece in it!



i honestly can’t even describe my excitement for this. i’m terribly excited about every piece of mine that comes out like a squally baby into the real concrete world, but this is especially dear to me for a few reasons:

– i only just started writing non-fiction and this was one of the first pieces i wrote.

– it’s about kesagami, which is still one of the most meaningful places to me, and also still one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever been.

– i pitched it to the walrus (HA!) as a form of toughening up, and then assumed that i would never see it in print because i have weird, twitchy standards. so when maisy said YES YES YES i nearly fell on my knees in the middle of the wasaga beach foodland pasta aisle, clinging to the side of my old-school cart with sweaty fingers (okay that kind of did happen).


i’m so frigging excited!! i’m quoted in the summer preview as “participating in a boys-only ritual.” i think i may have found the title of my autobiography!

also, i know that i’ve been so very remiss with my blog. but i have a post up my sleeve so bear with me. and come on, we all go through periods of fallow. my excuse is that i’m adjusting to the humidity and heat of toronto (that isn’t a complaint! i’ll never complain about this heat again!) and so my brain is still a little slushy.

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