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the resolutions.

December 31, 2011

it has been a wild year. (says the girl who is sitting in her housecoat, drinking ginger tea and ordering books online.) i did the half-year check in, and now – for your benefit, i suppose, but really also for mine because sometimes i get really excited about things and then don’t have the follow through – i’ll do the final weigh in for the resolutions that i made last year. see: HI-RES. that’s a link. click on it.


also, listen to this while reading:


oh so good.


– go to burning man.

  • yes, i totally did this! this was kind of a pipedream last december, because i thought my anxiety would get in the way, but not only did shanny and i go, we kind of flourished too. you can read all about my burning man experiences in my six piece blog series starting HERE. it will be easier than trying to sum it up here. at the bottom of each page, there is a link to the next day.

– grow my hair long enough to tie scarves into, to braid feathers in.

  • why YES! i didn’t braid feathers into it, but i did braid glowsticks into it in the black rock desert, and when i went out to my first drag king show in east van, i braided a long red scarf into it, which REALLY complimented the pinball machines at the cobalt, i think. now my hair is so long i’m not really sure what to do with it, so i’ll just keep growing it until i get bored.

– play clarinet once onstage again. perhaps even with a gypsy punk band if shit shapes up.

  • yikes. sorry clarinetty. this one has fallen by the wayside. to be fair to myself, i HAVE picked it up a few times, and the language of music is still there. i didn’t really forget it. i laughed the whole time i tried to play marche slave. but granted… i was trying to play marche slave.

– do karaoke without the need of alcohol.

  • god, no. i realised that i just really, really hate karaoke. i’d rather do a drag act. which maybe should be a new resolution….

– think locally, fuck globally.

  • sure!

– polka in public, not just at malanka.

  • YES! julian and i went to a few lemon bucket orkestra shows. at the last one we went to (on dec 23, with the stunningly wonderful christine urquhart, we punched a girl in the head – BY ACCIDENT – because we were dancing so violently.)

– do an unassisted headstand.

  • pft no. it takes a lot of guts to go upside down. i wasn’t aware of that!

– decide on my next travel location. (germany? norway? sweden? morocco? russia?)

  • i haven’t decided on a new place to travel to, but i do have the travel bug. nevada kind of drained me financially, and it’s going to be a long while before i have the dough to travel again!

– have more sex and be less uptight about it.

  • this is an interesting one. it’s a yes and a no, because i learned that maybe i’m not the most ‘go with the flow’ kind of person. i tried that mantle on for the summer, and got really hurt because of it, but looking back, i know that it wasn’t a bad hurt, and it wasn’t malicious, so i guess all things are lessons, and all people are teachers.

– free my throat chakra so the heart will follow.

  • getting there.

– read many more books (everything is illuminated, the age of innocence, ascension, harperland, queer london, bowie in berlin, the bible.)

  • i actually haven’t read ANY of those books above hahahahahahah whoops. i forgot about these resolutions, see, so i’m seeing them again for the first time in six months. but i can say that i have been reading more. i have a queue of about 6 books right now.

– buy books of poetry in anticipation of when the books go out of print in favour of the kindle.

  • YES! i just bought rm vaughan’s troubled, and i’m sure there will be a blog post about him soon because i just love that book and i think he’s great.

– dance down the street at least once with my earphones in, uncaring of people staring.

  • i feel like this could be accomplished in toronto.

– try another instrument to see if the lateral musical mind truly exists.

  • oh dear. my musical resolutions have really been neglected.

– have a dance floor make out. (truth: i have never had a DFMO.)

  • hahahahaha no dammit. considering i really only dance at gay bars, and i’m mostly attracted to men, this has not come to fruition.

– get a raven to eat from my windowsill with the window open.

  • YES I DID THIS. see: proof


– do mdma.

  • i did this too! (sorry mum and dad).

– pierce something new.

  • nope.

– finish my bloody thesis and finish it goooooooooooddddddd.

  • we won’t talk about this right now.

– consider taking a welding course.

  • well, i will say that i’ve considered it.

– attend a milonga that karen has tried to get me to do before and actually try dancing in front of someone. (major fear, to dance in public.)

  • no i haven’t done this either.

– sketch out a tattoo with ravens.

  • like i have the money for a tattoo!

– wear feathers and quartz.

  • yes!

– submit my pieces to publications for once.

  • YES! my third published piece is going to be available in EVENT some time in the new year. i’ve set a baseline for rejection, so when i do get an acceptance, it’s a very happy day indeed.

– go fishing again and fillet well.

  • i’m working on this. ice fishing is next on the agenda.


well, that’s it for the resolutions. i’d make them again for this year, but i really don’t feel like it, which sounds mopey, but i think that 2011 was important for having resolutions, and 2012 is going to be about finishing my thesis and decided where to go with my life… where to live, and what city to fall in love with next. the travel bug has bitten me on the ass, and i think it’s important to really start seeing the world (or whatever parts of it i can afford to see) while i’m still young and vital and just that little bit wild. and probably drinking less. that’s a good resolution too.

to all of you who celebrate this holiday of forced frivolity, i salute you. i do wish everyone a happy happy new year and i hope that you all don’t believe the inane threat that the world is going to end in 2012. COME ON!





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  1. December 31, 2011 10:18 am

    ” sketch out a tattoo with ravens”
    Do you draw? If not, and if you ever get the money for a tattoo, I have a recommendation for someone who can draw ravens (and other corvids) well and might design a tattoo for you for commission. (No promises… he has an art job, so he doesn’t always pick up commissions.) He’s even in Toronto.

    I, personally, will be working on a course paper this New Year’s Eve. But good luck on your kinda resolutions. And good on your for not worrying (seeming to worry?) about succeeding at the resolutions that weren’t what you needed anyway.

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