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the biggest day of my life! (where i don’t wear a veil.)

April 29, 2011

oh yes, i suppose i’m succumbing to the royal wedding mania.

i can’t help it. my mum’s mum was a british war bride, so my mum’s side of the family has always been royal-oriented. and my baba loves those “majesty” magazines. and let’s face it – i wanted to touch prince william inappropriately when i was fourteen. (not anymore, i might add. now it’s all about ruddy prince harry! ginger ginger ginger ginger.)

i came home late last night and decided “hey it’s only thirty minutes until the wedding starts. i could start watching the streaming!” i made it four minutes and then turned it off.

this is a thought i posed on facebook, and i swear that it related to writing so just bear with me. news outlets (which are scary) are reporting this day as “the biggest day of kate’s life.”


now, as my friend michelle pointed out, i can’t assess if a wedding is going to be the “biggest day of my life” without actually having been married. and i suppose if you are marrying a prince, the stakes are upped. a LOT. but i really reacted adversely to that phrase. the biggest day of my life is defined by me becoming a “mrs somebody else?” (not that i’d ever change my name, actually.) yikes!

on an aside, i don’t really like the idea of a wedding. for the dancing and party, yes, but wearing white is A LIE, and honestly, a justice of the peace at city hall is appealing. (i’m saying this now but one day i’ll probably look back on this and scoff) – the only reason i’d get married is to protect assets – i realise that common law couples have almost as many rights as a married couple, but i’d like to protect my joint bank account, thanks. (how un-romantic am i? no, i’m just practical. although okay i did get teary eyed while reading about the wedding ceremony, but i’m a suck.)


i got to thinking – if not my non-existent wedding, what would the “biggest day of my life” be?

and the first answer that popped into my head was knowing that someone had read my book and cried at the end of it. isn’t that so cheesy? but i was proud of myself for realising that a “big day” in my life would be related to writing. it reassured me that what i’m doing – what i’m majoring in, what i’m good at – is something that means a lot to me. that i define myself by what i do, and what i write, not by who i’m dating.

maybe winning the giller prize would be up there, too.

anyway, on an end note, feast your eyes on these two BEAUTIES who obviously stole the spotlight from kate on her BIG DAY

my mum said “they look like two roald dahl characters.” toUCHE mum. i said “she looks like she’s wearing a pubic lice on her head.”

my mum said “how do you know what that looks like?!”

TA TA for now.

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  1. April 29, 2011 11:25 am

    I DON’T UNDERSTAND THE RIBBON HAT. Can somebody explain to me why it’s a good idea and not the weirdest thing ever??

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