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March 27, 2011

Oh, brave new world. Oh, brave new playrites!




IN THREE DAYS, UBC’s Brave New Playrites opens at the Dorothy Somerset Studios on UBC Main Campus.

For those of you who don’t know, I have a play being put on. As in, I wrote a play and real live people are acting it out and doign the lighting and directing it. It’s pretty damn psychotic – the play, that is. My director fucking rocks, and so do my actors. I sat in on rehearsals and loved it. So I’m terrified and excited and thrilled and scared and totally trilling with all these crazy emotions, as I’m sure all of the writers/directors/actors are.

My play is called Acestor and it’s a mix of Greek mythology and criminal psychology. You know how I do.

Brave New is totally RAD.


Quick facts you need to know:


– Since there are 13 plays, half of the plays (also known as Program 1) are done on Wednesday and Friday nights and Sunday afternoon.

– The other plays (also known as Program 2, and the Program that my play is in) are done on Thursday and Saturday nights, and then Sunday night

– It costs ten dollars a night, which is cheap and cheerful.

– I’ve read a few of the plays and they are both challenging and fantastic.

– What the hell else are you doing on a Sunday afternoon?

– Check out the BRAVE NEW website for more information.


If you come, you will either see me faint, or I will sing this song for you. Does that sweeten the deal? Yeah that’s what I thought.

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