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the 1st deadly – lust (carnal luxuria)

February 12, 2011

i’m fairly certain i just found my drag queen name – as seen in the title above.


apparently lust is first on the list of the 7 deadly sins, which is fitting for this week. i wasn’t going to do another blog post on love or lust, but then i realised that i needed another post for the week of LOVE. oops. and in my opinion lust fits into the definition of “love” because you cannot have total love without good sex, and lust is related to sex. i just made a lot of sweeping generalizations – sue me.

and it’s said that thou shalt not lust.

yeah right.

all right. i don’t think that writers are particularly sexy. there might be backlash from that. and fine there are exceptions to the rule. writers can write the sexiest stuff, and certainly i’ve read many writers who accomplish that, but when it comes down to it, writers don’t exude the most sexual air because they live behind their screens and pages and pencils. don’t jump on my back and put me on blast because as i said before there are exceptions so consider that your disclaimer.

writers lust for their characters

do you know how many writers i’ve met who are obsessed with their own characters? i’m one of them. people get hard-ons for their own creations, which makes sense, because so many of the men i’ve written into plays and stories are men that i consider equals to me, men that i have not necessarily found in real life. i also tend to write things about people that i have lusted after or been involved with or had relations with (what am i, 70 years old who says ‘relations’?) a lot of writers do. so writers lust after their own characters, and then also make characters out of people they lust after. dang that is a lot of lusting.

writers lust for inanimate objects

we get weird over things that shouldn’t be fawned over. i’ve talked about this before, but a list of things that i’ve seen colleagues scarily obsessed with includes:

– oranges/ lemons

– insects

– serial killers

– musical instruments

– semen

– superheroes

– theorists

– demons

– gay men (this is me.)

– rock stars (this is also me)

– david bowie (this is me, too.)

– cities

– otters

– incest

enough said.

writers lust for other writers (sometimes dead)

hahahaha ben is obsessed with frank o’hara kevin gets a boner for james joyce i love faulkner to an unhealthy level. people are scarily obsessed with the weird writers who have burned themselves out – hunter s thompson, jack kerouac, edgar allan poe, oscar wilde – listen sometimes shit happens and you fall in love with a writer and the way they write and how they use their words, and those love affairs last a long time. also i wouldn’t mind having joseph boyden read me bedtime stories.

writers lust for other people (poetry forms – blazon, ode, etc.)

there are specific forms of writing designed for writers to obsess over other people. look at the blazon. look at the ode. look at many sonnets. i guess love and lust are major driving themes, so much that writers have their own forms to lust through. and yes, you could argue that many poets are actually writing about love and not lust, but immerse yourself in john donne’s poetry and you might see differently. and be ravished.

writers lust for inspiration

how trite is that? but it’s true we do. we’re always angling for the next big flash of idea – like journalists but not as well paid.

actually currently i am lusting over only one thing and that is my new yoga bra.

i never thought that lust belonged on that list of sins. it always seemed the least destructive and the most creative, and now i know why. because having a lust for life might have been discouraged in the religiously frightening 17th century, but in our day and age and in our individualistic (western) society lust is the spark that lights the short fuse. lust for life. iggy pop had it right.

i like the movie amelie but the soundtrack is even better. listen to this and wait for the fanciful beat that starts at 1:33.

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