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the ultimate love song – in time for vday.

February 9, 2011

i resisted seeing besieged for a long time. it was a movie that my parents liked and so i railed against it but i’m glad i gave in.

i know i’ve asked a lot of you to click on links. i know you’ve resisted because people nowadays don’t like having to do that. but if you read the blog and if you like it, you must trust that i won’t lead you astray.

please. please. please click on this link. this link here. click on the red words. and it will bring you to a youtube video from the movie ‘besieged.’ it’s a 5 minute clip. and the music really starts at 3:30, but you should watch the whole thing to get the whole effect. you just must.

the movie is filmed in such a disquieting way – sharp, bouncy camera angles, personal, in your face, real, gritty. i can’t tell you so much without giving away the plot, but it’s a bertolucci film from 1998 and it’s really truly about love of all sorts in such a sad way. shandurai is an africa refugee whose husband is a political prisoner still in africa. kinsky is a composer – oh he loves his piano – and he falls in love with her. and he starts to sell everything he owns to get her husband back to her. he sends things of love to her in his dumbwaiter. they do not really speak to each other – indeed, much of the movie is silence or music.

the music in the link above is a piano composition called “ostinato” by stephano arnaldi. it makes the hairs on my legs and arms stand up. it makes me cry. the video is so erotic, so personal – shows her blatant reaction to his music, shows him taking inspiration from her. there is nothing rawer, more real than somebody writing a piece of music about someone else.

i think that anything that is created for somebody else – a portrait, a poem, a story, a song – anything that is creatively inspired by somebody – it is the ultimate. because love is tangible through mediums like these.

in case you’ve already lost the link above, click here. HERE. click here (on the red words) to watch it. watch it.

i’m also embedding it. it is too much. it is not enough!

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