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weirdo love songs for the insane… or visionary.

February 7, 2011

hello welcome to the week of love here on everywhere leonine. from now until a week from now i will be posting love-themed posts, which may make some of you laugh. but love takes all forms right.

so below i am posting my compendium of love songs. i feel like it’s missing some major songs. help me out here? anyway this post will help you out with my posts for the next week. you can save these songs on your youtube playlist and listen to them over and over again.


i just want you to know that i went through 7000 songs one by one to find this selection for you.

does that make you want to click on these songs? because my wordpress widget can tell me just who has looked at my blog and who has clicked. i can see yer souls.

but in the meantime – i will present to you a selection of love songs that make me bow over, and you can pick from them like a box of chocolates – do you want strawberry cream or toffee?:


click here to listen to annie lennox’s ‘wonderful’. you should seriously do it. it starts out like some odd, shmaltzy 80s ballad. but what you should also know is that annie lennox is a god, and right at about 1:38 it will melt the eyebrows off of your face. granted, you have to listen to the soft lead-up to get the full impact of the chorus. also the only youtube video i could find is a slideshow of naomi watts. which is … weird.

click here to listen to bloc party’s ‘signs’, which is a song that inspired a series of ghost and grief poetry. it makes me cry, sort of. i’m not the biggest bloc party fan but the layers to this piece of music – starting with glockenspiel, bringing in different sets of synths. it’s a song about depression, missing someone so much that you taste bile.

click here to listen to bob seger’s ‘night moves’ – oh so trite of me, but i was brought up on bob seger. i think it’s a beautiful song. i can’t help it – it reminds me of quarter moon nights at the drive in.

click here to listen to chairlift’s ‘bruises‘. it’s difficult to have a song with the lyrics ‘i got bruises on my knees for you’ and not have the song be some sort of grotesque parody of sex, but there is a childish simplicity to this duet that eradicates that. it boils down only to two people hurting themselves in handstands for each other.

you knew that bowie had to be on here somewhere. obviously. if i had to pick the great bowie love songs, i would go a little off-base and go with strangers when we meet – for the beauty of the lyrics. this could be a wedding song. it’s so … honest. and the video is so beautiful – by sam byer, the same one who did the heart’s filthy lesson. my second choice would be rock n’ roll with me, which becomes anthemic, despite being on a frivolous glam rock record. the wail of the wawa guitar kind of makes the song. and this was still when bowie had the pipes to roar. if he sang this to me i would fall to my knees.

click here to listen to edward sharpe & the magnetic zero’s home. this song got wildly popular wildly fast and i don’t know how. i knew it before that shit. and it’s so raw, so very honest. how does a song tout lyrics that exclaim “i thought you broke yer ass” and “you thought you were dying” without being hokey? don’t know but somehow it does. i’ve used this for kesagami, my surrogate family. i’ve used this for a slideshow for my brother. it encompasses all love.

click here to listen to james brown it’s a man’s world. oh this song is a complicated one. so complicated. but maybe this song strikes a chord, this sexy blues jazz riff, this tilt-headed melody.

click here to listen to johnny clegg and savuka’s dela. i have three concerts i want to see in my life. one is david bowie. (duh.) one is billy connolly, which i have seen recently. the last is johnny clegg’s concert which i am going to see at the royal conservatory in toronto in april. johnny clegg and savuka – they are a band from south africa, broke apartheid boundaries… my father used to hold me in his arms as a baby and dance to their music with me – to try and lull me into sleep. they are on my list of top 5 bands ever. they are lush and their drumbeats are heartbeats.

click here to listen to loreena mckennitt’s highwayman. this song always makes me cry. it’s adapted from a poem by alfred noyes about a british highwayman visiting his love. oh god it ends so badly. people strapped to beds and shot, hair let down through windows. it’s the ultimate love song and so very melodramatic in the best way.

click here to listen to kate bush’s wuthering heights. listen kate bush is BAT SHIT crazy but the story of wuthering heights is too violently possessive, too macabre and eerie, too full of ugly love to ignore. just imagine heathcliff digging up kathy’s dead body and dancing with it throughout the moors.

click here to listen to nina simone’s sinnerman. this woman could bend a railroad tie with her voice. i think that’s all i need to say. and if you don’t click on it you are lazy and bereft of culture.

click here to listen to nine inch nails’ closer. i’ve never gotten a boner for trent reznor, but any song that refrains “i wanna fuck you like an animal” deserves a post. this is for the most violent kind of love, the most perturbing and awful things that people never want to say but always think.

click here to listen to willie nelson’s crazy. oh, willie does it better than patsy. it’s such a simple country ballad, such simple and clear language that just rips your aorta to shreds. sorry guys.

click here to listen to paula cole’s feeling love. this is literally one of the sexiest songs i’ve ever heard. “you make me feel like a stick pistil leaning into a stamen / you make me feel like a candy apple, red and horny.” i can’t even… i don’t…

click here to listen to the pretenders’ hymn to her. always makes me cry. my mum once said that this song reminded her of her mother, and therefore this is all about a different kind of love – a familial love, more passionate and much more ferocious than any kind of erotic or romantic love. blood is thicker than water, right?

click here to listen to radiohead’s true love waits. this is haunting, really. i was a huge huge huge radiohead fan in highschool. actually, i still believe in their melodic innovation. they are stunning and brash. this song is off key, odd, and played live, only ever recorded on a bootleg. but a boy i loved in highschool sent it to me, and the line “true love waits in haunted attics / and true love lives on lollipops and crisps” is just too good to pass up.

click here to listen to the rankin family’s fare thee well love. this song is especially beautiful and disturbing because i’m pretty sure the two people singing it (jmmy rankin and… some other rankin woman) are cousins. ! but this is a dreg of my family roadtrips out to the east. this is my childhood, and it is echoic and beautiful, a stunning and bare duet of love. sung. by. cousins. but oy. nobody but the rankins can reach those high clear east coast sounds.

click here to listen to regina spektor’s us . regina has two love songs that make me stop in my tracks. this one is particularly beautiful in the chorus. she uses a lot of symphony instruments to get her point across. “us” – it’s a song that i like to picture is about two misguided writers who want to be immortalized in their love for each other. and click here to listen to samson. of the two songs, this is the one that i identify with more. the story of samson and delilah has always been one that fascinates me – this sort of violent, possessive love that turns to greed and anger, the idea of delilah slicing off samson’s hair and robbing him of everything. this song is a modern interpretation and is too beautiful.

click here to listen to robert palmer’s johnny and mary. it’s so sad, so tangy with metallic let down. a couple does love each other but chase each other in a mime dance of appearances. it’s so 80s, which of course means i love it. it’s just a vicious cycle of disappointment but they love each other, right?

click here to listen to solomon burke’s cry to me. it is the ultimate sexy, always reminiscent of that sex scene in dirty dancing. this song is all about dirty dancing, about letting one’s spine slip. about crying on somebody else.

click here to listen to the star’s one more night. mm. this song is the most evocative for me out of all of them. it is a direct translation of the volatile, bad relationship i had throughout university. just listening to it now makes me kind of ill to my stomach. it is so true, so vile, so pathetic, so lovelorn. nothing good is happening in this song.

click here to listen to third eye blind’s blinded. again, a song that can use the lyrics “i want to stay right here and go down on you for an hour” can sometimes be rude, crude, awful – but this song hits melodies in its chorus that render me speechless. something about the tinny guitar playing that makes me quiet.

anyway that’s all the love you need for the week, right?

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