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john steffler’s sunburnt on naxos

December 4, 2010

the land of sexy poetry.

does that make you excited?


how about:


well, if so, you should click on the link i am about to pose, because it’s john steffler‘s suburnt on naxos (copyright to him, not me) – a poem from his most recent book lookout. side note: i very rarely buy books of poetry, but after hearing steffler read, i bought this book.


click this link. CLICK ON IT. it will be four minutes out of your day and you can read it to someone on a date and get into their knickers: John Steffler’s Sunburnt on Naxos.

oh god, i’m probably breaching some sort of copyright. sorry, john steffler. if you want me to take it down, i will. i love you.

and if any of you want to read the essay (SHORT essay) that i wrote on this poem you can click here: how a poem works and you will be able to download my essay. and i’ll preface it by saying that i dedicate an entire paragraph to pubic hair. bet that ups the amount of people that click on that link (and i am able to tell if you click on that link or no).

anyway, just a short poetry post for today.

because what else besides poetry makes you feel festive at this time of the year?

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