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a precursor and music for the soul.

October 30, 2010

i’m going to post a few songs here – from youtube – that, if you have the patience, i want you to listen to. they are going to tie in directly to my next post. i’ve played all of these pieces except smetana’s. you don’t have to listen to them all. if the song bores you after 2 minutes, stop it.

tchaikovsky’s marche slave (if i were to conduct anything, it would be this. the song changes so many times.)

bedrich smetana’s ma vlast (a little sped up for my tastes but still does the trick. and around 00:53 it becomes so beautiful.)

gustav holst’s mars, bringer of war (conducted in 5/4 TIME! learning this piece was one of the most challenging i’ve ever done. the audio is not great, but this song makes the hairs on my arms stand up.)

gustav holst’s jupiter, bringer of jollity
(for those of you who want a planet with a little more happiness. this is also just as hard to play, but a little more major. holst was obsessed with the planets.)

schumann’s fantasiestucke op. 73 piece 1 zart und mit ausdruc (yuck. it’s an oboe playing the lead, but beggars cannot be choosers.)

and my little opus, carl maria von weber’s clarinet concerto in f minor, no. 1 – allegro, which is the last piece i ever played on the clarinet.

yes, i realise that they are classical songs, and people nowadays have the attention span of a tsetse fly, but i assure you, i grew up with classical music and playing classical music, and i’m atypical when it comes to my choice in music. they are not boring pieces.

listen if you want, but these are going to tie into the next post.


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