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revision revision revision revision baby

October 3, 2010

i’m totally listening to nicki minaj’s verse in monster over and over again. she is hella cool.

today i have to lecture 180 undergraduate students about revision in fiction….


OKAY I’M BACK. this post was a saved draft that i got bored of and restarted. anyway, on thursday, i lectured 180 undergrad students on revision, as i stated. i was nervous, obviously. i love public speaking, but honestly, whoever gets up in front of nearly 200 people to speak on a subject they are muzzy with and says that they are not nervous is a psychopath or really cocky.

actually i ended up loving it. the class is pretty awesome. there were some questions that i totally skirted (how do you revise theme in fiction?) and felt shitty about, but really, i made the whole lecture up. you HAVE to do that in creative writing. there is no HANDBOOK on it. in fact, i would be totally suspicious of handbooks on creative writing, because something about the mixture of the words “handbook” and “creative” make me really suspicious.

anyway, revising theme had me totally stumped. i don’t know how you can revise theme without revising your entire book. i think i might be revising theme right now with my thesis, but i’m not sure sure. i’m not sure of anything i am writing right now, no poetry, no playwrighting, NADA. i need to figure out the theme of my book. i need to.

but how do you revise theme, actually? how do you A) create a theme that is somewhat original and B) go through your book to change it? you don’t, i think. you just pick one and stick with it.

oh barf who knows. revision IS the writing process. writing IS revision. you cannot separate the two, because you create a first draft and then every time you sit down to write at that piece after that, you are revising. i didn’t even create a full first draft before i revised.


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