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twitter as a writing tool!

September 5, 2010

the key word here being tool… or… twitter…oh whatever. it’s too late (9 PM!) for witticisms. on a sidenote, i’m an old fart. anyway, i’ve been thinking hard about twitter lately. i can’t remember if i’ve done a blog post on this recently, so i’m just going to do one now.

i’m still not entirely sold on the idea of twitter.

some negatives: i think that twitter is pretty vapid. i think that it is a way for people to “connect” with their favourite celebrities, or try and “trend” (i’ll admit, i’m still not entirely sure what the hell “trending” is) things like “ilovejustinbieber” or “nickiminajmakesmewet” or some other shite like that. i’ve included the odd hashtag in my twitter posts, but that’s mainly because i want to see who else tweets the #poemoftheday (answer – one other person) or because i want to connect with the wan literary world. also i’m not entirely sure how those things work. i think that twitter is also pretty pathetic because it gives you 140 characters to express something, so often a (what would be) well-formed thought becomes some “i wnt 2b 4u lolololol” crap, some bastardization of the language.

but what are twitter’s negatives are also its positives. the brevity poses an interesting challenge. i once took part in writing a twitter novel, which was very enlightening. if you go a google search, you can find some beautiful twitter novels. choosing the correct words to fit into such a limited space is a really good brain exercise for a writer. also, i find that i like posting snippets of poetry on my twitter account. i can post the direst and most beautiful pieces of al purdy/walt whitman/pablo neruda. some people might argue that that is a gen-x viewpoint and that writing should be viewed as a whole, but sometimes a specific line just strikes you so much, and you have to post it.

i don’t know. thoughts?

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