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adventures as a single woman

August 30, 2010

will this title bring in lots more hits from google? good god probably more than my writing and literature posts. boo!

well anyway, this post will not be so connected with writing – or maybe it will. let’s see where this goes, shall we?

i just came back from a 2 1/2 week foray into dublin and then northern ireland. (well, i straddled the line between north and south ireland. border straddler. currency became a little confusing.) i travelled by myself. this was just not a negotiable for me. i did try to find people to go with me, but no one could take the time off/could afford it/really wanted to go to ireland. i had been saving for two years to do this. ireland has always been a place i wanted to go, and the setting ties into a story that i am writing. i had to go. there was no option. so i had to go it alone.

every time i told someone (irish) this, i was told that i was brave. i was told, more than once, that the person i was talking to thought i was courageous because “they would never do that alone.” granted, there had been a bomb in derry the week before i came there. and i came into derry on the day of an orangemen parade, and that same night there would be mild rioting. no matter. at no point did i feel threatened. irishmen were never boorish or leering. i didn’t understand why i was touted as so brave.

this is what i did for my craft! i loved it, every second of it, even the lonely ones. of course i got lonely. it’s hard for a single woman to go out without, at some point, fending off a creepy man. i never ate out by myself, opting to take food to my B&B rooms, and i didn’t go to pubs by myself in dublin. it was at those times that i wanted a travelling companion.

but i had ghosts to chase in ireland, and if i had had someone with me, i don’t think i would have been able to do so. everything just worked out perfectly, and i found my ghosts waiting patiently for me, so cooperative. it was the most rewarding thing. i know that it was the right thing to do.

was it brave? i didn’t particularly feel so. was it right? yes!

more on this later.


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