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July 31, 2010

two links to start your post:

1) vampire weekend’s new album is rocking my socks off. there is a new reggae/world beat/”paul simon” feel to it that honestly makes it feel delicious and fantastical and dance-able – makes me feel as though i could be dancing down a street with lemony sun and ballet slippers. that kind of shit. it’s good. it’s gooooood. and even better than horchata is WHITE SKY. this is the kind of song that needs to played on speakers with sub woofers and a hardwood floor cleared to dance on. no joke.

this song reminds me of long-haired vancouver boys.

2) i still don’t really understand tumblr. (why is it missing an ‘e’?????) but sometimes it makes me laugh. bowiesinspace makes me laugh. who spends time doing this? regardless, merging julia child and bowie is pretty fantastic.

right okay.

time to get back into the blog swing of things.

one thing i neglected this summer was david bowie. i’m sure many of you are surprised to hear that, considering i often talk about bowie a lot. let’s be honest. he is the ultimate artist to me, and i really appreciate not only his music but also his lyrics – his writing. his looks don’t hurt, either. something about the 1970s toothpick girl boy appeals to me, i don’t know.


yes, i did watch the man who fell to earth only to see david bowie. (side note – holst’s song in this trailer is very well placed.)

anyway. i tend to fall into periods like this – oscillations between one muse to another. often, my muses are men – gay men, most likely – and they tend to be aquiline and beautiful. i think that the thought of a muse is for another post, but i want to focus on the idea of a main muse. why is it that i became attracted to bowie as an inspiration, and why has that attraction weathered time?

i don’t know if it is a tendency of the writer – or just the creative mind – to become infatuated with things that help inspire creative output. i once heard a poet state that she was obsessed with citrus fruits for months.

i think that the thing i admire most in david bowie is his chameleonic nature. it might be a bit of a debate – are you a true staying power if you have a single style that you are known most for, or are you more of a staying power if you are able to change (drastically!) and maintain your character, still? but it’s more than that, i suppose. it’s changing your style – in bowie’s example, rock and roll to glam rock to blue eyed soul to rock to jungle music – and yet also maintaining that intrinsic quality that is you, that people can recognise and appreciate and identify with. what would this equate to in a writer? maybe switching forms – from fiction to poetry to prose poetry to play writing – and still being lauded and read and identified. or maybe it would be something subtler – a change of the core way that you write. for me, that would equate to writing with less adverbs, less adjectives – would equate to wringing the lush description out of my writing! could i write like that, paring down my words like hemingway?? could i be bowie-esque in my chameleonic writing??

it’s an interesting thought. right now – i may be insecure in my writing, i may be a younger writer who has not learned the ropes yet – i feel as though i could write in a starker way, but i just don’t want to. maybe it is the opposite – that deeply i think or know that i cannot write that way, that it would take more effort, and that is why i don’t want to.

maybe it is time to create my own station to station (sans serious cocaine usage) and take my bowie-riffic leap and JUMPJUMPJUMP!


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