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back in partial form.

July 29, 2010

a lot has happened. i have fallen in love with so many things, with so many people. i have

in the meantime, i have two things for you. the first is a major one. this is a good, good friend of mine – chris urquhart – and she is looking for funding for a project of hers. back her, if you can afford anything. even if you do a $10 donation, you get a shoutout and a link on the rainbowland blog. the photos from this site are stunning – done by kitra cahana – and who knows? you may find inspiration. see the widget below….

also, i have a song that got me through days of 6 AM wake ups, cleaning shit-grimed toilets, and dish pit. (will elaborate. later.)

check out mika’s blue eyes.

very lovely. made me feel better countless times. i can picture dancing barefoot in a trilby to this while friends play guitar and drums nearby.


i’m back, sort of. i have a new adventure – travelling somewhat solo through northern ireland – coming up in a short while. right now i am still digesting the summer. it was pretty fantastic, and pretty deadening, and pretty awe-inspiring, and pretty depressing, all at once. it was a handful, a mouthful. a whole lot of stuff. i fell in love over and over again. i learned the most ridiculous things. when i have a brain, and have completely adapted to the city life after being in the northern canadian bush for 9 weeks, i will be able to write about it.

keep writing, fools.

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  1. July 29, 2010 2:39 pm


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