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it’s been a while

April 12, 2010

sorry about the BAD BAD delay between posts. i’ve been doing a lot of writing and thinking and writing and thinking lately. there has been so much going on.

today’s post is about keeping old work. one of my friends – Christian (from my undergraduate creative writing courses) brought up the idea of keeping old work. he actually posted a link on my facebook wall – seen here – about keeping old work when it comes to photography.

now… this is a tough subject for me, because i have (shamefully? not shamefully?) purged my writing more than a few times. i have none of my writing from high school. i didn’t purge it blindly. i read everything and just gagged at the awfulness of it.

now, before you cast judgment, know that i keep all of my writing on the computer, so it’s incredibly easy to purge that. all of my actual paper writings have been saved. also, know that i am an extremely harsh critic, which is why i am often hesitant in submitting to things – i am a perfectionist when it comes to my writing. i don’t send things into the world that don’t deserve it. i’m young. i have a lot of time to hone my craft. i don’t want to look back on old pieces and gag (again) because i was too hasty in sending them out.

will i regret purging my (extremely!) old work one day? maybe. but maybe not. it’s been probably 10 years since my first real writing, and i have not yet regretted deleting some of my old work. it was maudlin and trite, and i feel as follows:

that i don’t want to look back on that and rely on that kind of writing. i love my past, but i feel often that my emotional past (things having to do with love/heartbreak – all of the stuff that dominated my writing at that age) doesn’t have too much merit in writing. my best writing occurs when i write the present, when i was finally able to detach myself from malicious romantic presences in my life and write, instead, about the mundane turned incandescent.

i have, of course, saved a few poems and stories from my earlier writing days.

but they’re shit.

the ideas are decent, but the writing is garbage. personally, i’m glad that i have purged as i have – it clears my mind and my computer harddrive for more beautiful, more exquisite, more talented writing.


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  1. April 13, 2010 3:44 pm

    i purged everything from high school too. and a good deal of stuff from undergrad. do i miss it? NO. but also YES. it’s SO BAD that i might find it really funny now.

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