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February 5, 2010

i broke my head phones. i became sick for the first time in months. i discovered u2’s the joshua tree. i started a new set of classes. i became scared of writing a central scene for my thesis.

i have been thinking a lot about sentimentality and triteness lately. in what i am fleshing out for my thesis, i have to be very, very careful to avoid both glamourisation and and sentimentality. i have to avoid glamourising AIDS and HIV – akin, in some twisted way, to how werewolves and vampires were glamourised in that half-cocked twilight series. i also have to be careful to avoid sentimentality and schmaltziness. i don’t want to write any of my scenes as something from A Walk To Remember. i have to learn how to balance the real and gritty with the genuine and sorrowful.

recently, on suggestion of a friend, i purchased the book queer london, and i’m hoping that this will help with the writing process. i also have a to watch playlist: gay sex in the 1970s, angels in america, a line of beauty, etc. any suggestions for bathhouse culture documentaries?

i’m trying, also, to put some of my thesis ideas into screenplay form. this is especially challenging because, as a screenwriter, brevity is key and you cannot describe everything to death. a lot is left up to the directors/actors/producers, and that can be a scary thing. in addition, the students – mainly undergraduate this term, which is giving me a totally different perspective on writing in the program – in my class are somewhat helpful, but don’t seem to be interesting in the “GRID”/AIDS crisis plot, which is fair enough. however, it’s not helpful to get criticism on a subject that a person doesn’t like. it tends to be skewed … biased. some students get personal – can’t take criticism and therefore make their own criticism malicious. it’s something i’m used to – not too concerned. however, the professor offered to look over my screenplay himself, which is interesting.

as ever – i will keep you updated.


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  1. February 8, 2010 12:17 am

    Glad to see you back (note to self: return to your blog, too). You’re thinking about and feeling it all deeply. Remember, when you’re feeling fear (i.e. of your central scene) it shows you what you have to do. I’ve no doubt you’ll do it sans glamour and sentiment. Grit it up, girl!

  2. February 11, 2010 1:09 pm

    glad you stopped being a pussy!
    the internet

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