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the celtic cross

January 10, 2010


sometimes i get the urge to read my own tarot cards. it doesn’t happen too often because i believe in too much of a good thing – or anything.

take a look at this:

This is the celtic cross tarot spread

I stopped using the horse shoe spread because it was too elementary. when i read for myself i will use this spread.

for my friends who know how to read cards – you might understand this read

my reading, briefly:

my signifier: the queen of swords (minor arcana)
position 1: king of spears (minor arcana)
position 2: the magician (major arcana)
position 3: the king of swords, reversed (minor arcana)
position 4: the moon (major arcana)
position 5: ten of shields, reversed (minor arcana)
position 6: the horned one (major arcana)
position 7: king of shields, reversed (minor arcana)
position 8: the priestess (major arcana)
position 9: ten of spears, reversed (minor arcana)
position 10: knight of shields (minor arcana)
two card extension i layered on top of 10: knight of swords (minor arcana) and nine of spears, reversed (minor arcana)

it’s important to know the card position meanings, too:

1: my relationship with the present situation
2: positive forces in my favour
3: a message from the higher self/potential
4: preoccupation of the subconscious that filters into my life – the theme of dreams is prevalent here – an emotional undercurrent
5: past events that colour the situation
6: the state of my relationships with others
7: my psychological state
8: my environment and unseen forces that can affect the outcome
9: my hopes and fears
10: the outcome

not to blather on, but there were a few things that really struck me.

– there are a lot of men in this reading – king of spears, king of swords, king of shields – and then the knight of shields and the knight of swords. i’m only missing the king of cups to complete my quartet of strong male cards. it’s interesting that the king of swords reversed would be my message from the higher self, since i consider myself the queen of swords. obviously, my yang is a bit off and i’m being warned of being too aggressive. i guess there are a lot of men in my life – the king of swords being the aggression and the cruelty, the king of spears representing a smart, mature, and humorous (theatrical?) man, the king of shields representing someone daring and calculating.

i’m not sure who these men represent. if there was a CUPS male, i would know who that represented. i seem to be constantly surrounded by men of cups – i am in a writing program, after all. maybe this is the universe’s way of telling me – to hell with the cups! no more emotion! for now!

– also, the prevalent theme of dreams and psychic abilities – the magician, the moon – this makes sense to me. i’ve been making weird little predictions lately and they have been true, so obviously this is a time of some sort of clarity.


help a girl out, here…


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  1. donna permalink
    March 24, 2011 5:17 pm

    hello i m a fellow reader but i do not have a traditional deck. i have not been doing readings for that long but u was wondering if i could do this spread with deck as well ?

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