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back in the city that…

January 3, 2010


currently listening to topol’s Tradition from Fiddler on the Roof

hello everyone

so now i can finally get my rear in gear and update like i should – properly.

it’s currently 8 am on a sunday morning – oh jees. that is what jet lag will do. also, i’m a bit skittish about sleeping back in this apartment after staying away so long. the night was a weird night – lots of waking up and falling back asleep, and a few sweats mid-dream. eventually i woke up at about 7 30, which, for a west-war jet-lag is truly not bad at all.

i’m back in the rainy city – although, to be fair, toronto was pretty shit over the holidays too. also, my body has clearly gotten used to the temperate climates, because the first time i went into the city after getting back home, i shook like a leaf! i forgot how chilly it can get in the downtown core, but after that first time i learned to relish it. i also relished the snow – however little we got over the holidays. the day before i left to fly back here, it was snowing big, luscious, fluffy flakes and that i truly did appreciate. it was like toronto’s parting gift to me!

thought of the day – wanderlust. i didn’t want to come back here. (NB: writer friends, don’t get offended. i missed you guys, but i forgot how much i loved the big smoke.) but… i didn’t want to stay in toronto either. i don’t want to be that person that never leaves toronto, and thinks it’s the be all and end all. i have explored canada. i’ve been on both coasts. the only provinces i haven’t been in are newfoundland, saskatchewan, and manitoba. not so bad! (don’t ask about the territories. i haven’t made it up north yet.) but it’s not just canada. i think i have wanderlust, which is pretty odd for me. i was a child who was slow to take to travelling, slow to take to staying away from home – i got homesick, i didn’t like change, i wasn’t ready for adventure for the longest time. but now – i didn’t want to come back to vancouver, but i didn’t want to stay in toronto. emily has been talking about wanting to stay in two places at once. i’m sort of the opposite – wanting neither. maybe i want something more.


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