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modern love.

December 15, 2009


listening to the absolutely divine david bowie as per usual.

today i submitted to a few mags and lit journals. it’s been a LONG time since i’ve done any sort of submitting, so i had to fine-comb my poetry and do some serious editing and cover letter writing.

i actually felt pressured to do the submitting because of the classmates around me. everyone is extremely accomplished, and then there is me, who has NOT submitted anything to any sort of publication for a while. this is mainly because i am an odd sort of perfectionist, and in the past, everything i submitted to had accepted me, and i’ve never been one to take rejection extremely well, which is exactly why i need to get myself back out there. maybe getting myself back out there is also related to the dating scene, as i have talked about in previous posts. hm. that is something to think about, actually. thank you, blog, for helping me connect the dots between things. anna, it is time to get rid of your feelings of inadequacy, and GET THEE GOING!

on another note, i really don’t like to brag about my writing accomplishments. as seen in my bio – for our blog – for one of our classes, i tend to choose a phrase about myself that does not have ANY of my accomplishments in it, and then use that for everything. in reality, if you google my name, you will see my publications. i’ve been in a few queen’s publications, in the university newspaper, and a sociological publication, too. it’s a weird CV, but it’s mine, and i likes it! but the point is, i don’t like to long cock. there is too much long cocking in the academic/english/writing world as it is, so i don’t feel the need to alienate anyone by trying to outdo people. that is NOT good karma!!!

also, prior to this year, i really was NOT aware of most of the canadian lit mags and journals. (embarrassed.) the list serve for the program has really helped with submissions because it is making known to me all of the tiny obscure mags that need stuff. woo!

everything is connected, i think.

i guess the question i am posing to everyone is:
what mags are you partial to? where is good to submit to?


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