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magical forest aftermath

November 27, 2009


listening to redbone’s come and get your love. i am such a 70s music freak.

good lord, did we dress up last night! chris had her magical forest centaur party at tzvi’s place. i talked with crystal wizards, women who told me what alternative galaxies they were from, desert-loving yoga instructors, djembe players, professional dancers in bell bottoms and medieval dress, hula hoopers, all sorts of people. the creative writing program really went all out – we even got make up on our post doc, ray. we went as dryads and forest nymphs and unicorns and faeries. i guess there is a stunted child in all of us that just really wants to dress up. the dressing up part really was almost as great as the party itself. except for the fact that i had silk flowers and pine needles all over my floor this morning. thank god for swiffers.

i liked standing in the basement and watching the professionals dance. there was SUCH energy in the room you could feel it all along the back of your neck and along your forearms. serious loveliness.

it’s been a week of theatre and fun.

but the dreams have gotten stranger and stranger. the nightmares aren’t bad enough to wake me up, and i think that my waking mind is suppressing them during the day. however, when i lie down the next night to go to sleep often all the dreams from the night before come rushing back. dreams about purposely crashing airplanes, my family drowning, people from my past… and so many of us in the writing program are having bad dreams. i don’t know what is going on. i don’t know!


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  1. urdead2me permalink
    March 6, 2010 9:37 pm

    RIP – Lolly Vegas, 70, was a songwriter when Jimi Hendrix talked to him about embracing his mixed blood ancestry. So he formed Redbone, named after Indian slang meaning “half-breed,” – and hit it big w/ “Come & Get Your Love,” in ‘74.

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