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laramie project

November 25, 2009

listening to please read the letter by robert plant and alison krauss from their collaborative album raising sand. totally lovely bunch of songs and i highly recommend.

last night i went to see the laramie project as put on by the ubc theatre company.

i couldn’t update the blog last night and talk about it because i came home with such an aching head and aching heart that i fell into the shower and then face first into bed. after a really long sleep with disturbing dreams, i feel a little removed from the production and therefore able to talk about it a little bit.

for those of you who don’t know about the laramie case – in 1998 matt shepard – an openly gay teen – was attacked and tortured, and tied to a fence and left for dead in laramie, wyoming. he died 6 days later from massive injuries and hypothermia. i knew most of the details of the attack beforehand, but hearing it was still..

the premise of the laramie project is that a play company went to laramie and conducted interviews of something like 200 people, and the play is a compilation of those interview – somewhat like the vagina monologues, i guess. therefore, hearing the actual words of the: officer who found him, the attending emergency room physician, the father’s speech at the sentencing of the perpetrators, everything – it was really, really real and physical and there, right in front of us.

there were two intermissions – the play was 2 1/2 hours long – and during both of the intermissions the group of us who went together were sort of shell-shocked – we didn’t talk. we just sort of sat and stood and thought. that, i think, is the measure of a good play. the undergraduate actors on stage managed to render a bunch of jaded graduate students speechless. i cried – a lot – but i always do. the third act did had me almost sobbing, but that was mainly because the actor who was playing matt’s father was excellent – excellent – and his courtroom speech … you could have heard a pin drop in the theatre.

i remember reading once that matt shepard was so covered in blood that the only place on his face that you could see actual skin was where his tear tracks had dried and cleaned the blood off.

i had borrowed aspects of the attack for the story i am writing, so i had to go to see this play and pay respects.

i have nothing more to say at the moment.. i am still deep in it.

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