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introductions all around?

November 3, 2009


currently listening to “baby baby baby” by make the girls dance
je veux une session un peu hot. je veux bien que tu regardes mais pas que tu pelotes.

so – in our editing and lit mag class we talked about blogging, and people seemed horrified/appalled/mildly surprised that i had never had one. i’ve contributed to some and i have followed some, but apparently i need to stake my claim on the blogsphere. god knows what i will write on here, but i can try to catalog my experiences out here in bc and my experiences with the people i’m meeting in my program, and the ups and downs of attaining the masters of fine arts (hahahah).

right now, however, i guess i should mark out why i chose leonine.

1) the cadence of the word is luscious
2) i am a leo
3) if more people were leonine and forthright, interesting things would happen. or bad things. or sexy things.

it will be interesting to see if i will be able to keep up with the grooming and maintenance of this space. it is a lesson in discipline i suppose.

also, i just cannot justify discussing my own life and ideas like they are some be-all and end-all. but i had a live journal once (i think?) so maybe i can regain some of that precious egomania and buck the hell up.


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